Why Does Coffee Make You Pee

Why does espresso make you pee? What is caffeine’s diuretic impact? How does caffeine have an effect on urine output? GreenEyedGuide solutions these three questions on this episode. This is a part of a sequence on caffeine, hydration, and fatigue. To view the complete sequence and full Q&A, go to https://greeneyedguide.com/2019/07/10/why-does-coffee-make-you-pee/

#caffeine #urineoutput #dehydration

1:00 Introduction
1:27 The Need to Pee versus Urine Output
1:44 Why Does Coffee Make You Feel Like You Have to Pee
2:30 Caffeine’s Diuretic Effect
2:50 Coffee Versus Water
3:10 Drinking Coffee on a Hot Day
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