Sirikkalam Parakkalam – Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal | Dulquer S, Ritu V | Masala Coffee

The number of people does it take to make a mug of coffee? For a number of us, all it takes is a short stroll as well as a fast put. This straightforward staple is the result of a globe-spanning process whose expense and intricacy are much higher than you might think of. It begins in a place like the remote Colombian town of Pitalito. Right here, family members farms have clear cut local woodlands to make space for cool rows of Coffea trees.

These shrub-like plants were very first trained in Ethiopia as well as are currently grown throughout equatorial areas. Each hedge is loaded with tiny berries called “coffee cherries.” Because fruits on the exact same branch can ripen at various times, they’re best chosen by hand, however each farm has its very own method for refining the fruit. In Pitalito, farmers work from dawn to sundown at high altitudes, frequently selecting over 25 kilos per shift for really low salaries. The employees deliver their selected cherries to the wet mill.

This machine divides the seeds from the fruit, as well as then kinds them by thickness.

The heaviest, most savory seeds sink to the base of the mill, where they’re accumulated and taken to ferment in a tub of water for one or two days. Some farms utilize makers for this procedure, yet in Pitalito, seeds are spread onto big mesh racks.

When the coffee beans are dry, a truck takes them to a close-by mill with a number of customized devices. An air blower re-sorts the seeds by thickness, an array of sieves filter them by dimension, and an optical scanner types by color.

Now, specialists called Q-graders select samples of beans to roast and brew. In a procedure called “cupping,” they examine the coffee’s mouthfeel, aroma, as well as taste to identify its high quality. These professionals offer the beans a quality, as well as obtain them all set to deliver.

Employees pack burlap sacks containing as much as 70 kilograms of dried as well as arranged coffee beans onto steel shipping containers, each able to carry up to 21 statistics heaps of coffee. From exotic ports, cargo ships crewed by over 25 people transport coffee around no country however the world imports extra coffee than the USA, with New york city City alone consuming millions of mugs on a daily basis. After the lengthy journey from Colombia to New Jacket, our coffee beans travel through custom-mades. As soon as dockworkers dump the container, a fleet of eighteen-wheelers move the coffee to a neighboring storage facility, and after that to a roastery. Below the beans enter into a toasting machine, mixed by a metallic arm and also warmed by a gas-powered fire.

Nearby sensors keep an eye on the coffee’s dampness degree, chemical stability, and also temperature level, while qualified coffee engineers by hand change these degrees throughout the twelve-minute roasting cycle.

The coffee is now so close you can smell it, however it requires even more aid for the last stretch. Each coffee business has a head buyer that carefully chooses beans from all over the world.

All in all, it takes hundreds of people to obtain coffee to its designated destination– as well as that’s not counting every person keeping the infrastructure that makes the journey feasible. While we may wonder at the worldwide network behind this commodity, let’s make sure we don’t value the last item much more than the individuals that make it.

How lots of people does it take to make a cup of coffee? Employees load cloth sacks including up to 70 kilos of dried out and also sorted coffee beans onto steel delivery containers, each able to lug up to 21 metric loads of coffee. From exotic ports, cargo ships crewed by over 25 people transport coffee around no nation however the world imports a lot more coffee than the United States, with New York City alone taking in millions of mugs every day. After the lengthy journey from Colombia to New Jacket, our coffee beans pass through customizeds. All in all, it takes hundreds of people to get coffee to its desired destination– and that’s not counting everyone keeping the framework that makes the trip possible.


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Director – Desingh Periyasamy
Producer – Viacom18 Studios & Anto Joseph Film Company
DOP: K.M.Bhaskaran
Music: Masala Coffee
Background Scrore – Harsha Vardhan Rameshwar
Editor – Praveen Antony
Art – R.K.Umashankar
Costume Designer – Niranjani Ahathian
Stunt – Supreme Sundar
Stills – M.S.Anand
Choreography – M.Sheriff
Lyricist – Vignesh Shivan | Mani Amudhavan | Madurai Souljour | Hafeez Rumi | Desingh Periyasamy
Pro – Suresh Chandra | Reksha D’One
Publicity Design – Thandora
Executive Producer – Niroop Pinto
Production Executive – Mohan Ganesan
Production Controller – S.Vinoth Kumar

Composed by and Produced by – Masala Coffee
Vocals – Benny Dayal
Rap lyrics and sung by – Madurai Souljour
Lyrics – Desingh Periyasamy, Madurai Souljour

Mixed by – Jayakrishnan Nalinkumar, Mumbai
Mastered by – Donal Whelan, UK
Recording engineer – Adithyan
Recorded at –
1. 2 bar q studios , Chennai
2. Ajivasan studios, Mumbai

Movie – Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal
Singer – Benny Dayal, Madurai Souljour
Lyricist – Desingh Periyasamy, Madurai Souljour
Composer – Masala Coffee

Releasing in cinemas on 28th February.

Cast – Dulquer Salmaan, Ritu Varma, Rakshan, Niranjani Ahathain, Gautham Menon
Viacom18 Studios Presents
In Association with Anto Joseph Film Company
Produced by Viacom18 Studios & Anto Joseph Film Company
A Desingh Periyasamy Film

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